Celebrating the outdoors, exploration, walking, and the poetics of our relationship with nature.

The key info:


The Podcast:
Walk It Off

A podcast on solitude, literature, wanderings and on daring to tread your own path. Hosted by Solveig Willum.
Some of the films selected in the festival will also be featured in this podcast as part of a series of conversations on nature, exploration and the poetics of outdoor experiences.


The organizers:

Who's behind this?
Solveig Willum

Festival Director

Journalist and Lecturer on Outdoor lifestyle and adventures.


Elizabeth Torres

Festival Editor
Poet, multimedia artist and translator, founder of Red Door Magazine and cultural organizer. 

The locations:

Red Door Gallery 

Red Door was founded in NY in 2009 and has since relocated to Copenhagen, where it serves as a gallery and event place for exhibitions, events and community gatherings and projects, including a Poetic Phonotheque and a radio station. It also has its own magazine. Read more at:

All the poetry films submitted to the festival, will become part of the international archive of the Poetic Phonotheque:


"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."

-Henry David Thoreau.

Introducing UNINHABITED - An International Film Festival

Red Door Gallery & Magazine is honored to announce “Uninhabited” International Poetry Film Festival, with a focus on the outdoors, nature, exploration, walking and sustainability, with a focus on the poetics of film, language and sound to deliver feelings and experiences.

The festival will take place throughout July 26th-31st of 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark, at Red Door Gallery and Dupong Bar for a special selection of films. All poetry films selected will be included in the permanent collection of the Poetic Phonotheque, and the honorable mentions and award-winning films will be featured on the Red Transmissions Podcast, the Walk it Off podcast, and Red Door Magazine.